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Fort Myers, FL location

I brought my Daughter here to get her eye exam and a new pair of glasses on Saturday 5/10/14, after a big debate over them not being able to find her insurance, I unwisely said I would pay for them out of pocket. I will get back to that in a minute though.

When it was her turn to go in, the doctor stood at the back of the room and mumbled something, neither of us could understand what he was trying to say until he said her name a 3rd time, when she walked over to him he began to snap at her about why she didn't answer him, now I was figuring that since the exam was under $50 that I could excuse some poor manners if I must. In what was to be my next bonehead move, I let her go back by herself, she's a teenager, and here and again it's nice to let them do stuff on their own. Within a couple minutes Dr. mumbles was back out motioning me back. So I went back and witnessed his roughshod patient care, in which he snapped at my daughter repeatedly, and kept cutting her off before she could answer. I might mention she is in tears by this point, I am simply shocked. Finally, he writes her a prescription, and sends us back out front.

When we get out front, the "specials" they advertise online, of course don't apply to her glasses, and the doctor says she needs special lenses and transitions coating, and every expensive thing they can throw at it, I can't afford this, so I tell them no, I just need a pair of frames and plastic lenses for now, so she can see, and I'll work on the rest as I can. Well before it's all said and done the bill comes out to $204, which is reasonable, I'm not going to lie, but after I paid, and got outside I saw they snuck in an $89 anti glare coating that I was pretty sure I declined.

Then, on the way home, she tells me that before I got in to the room, the doctor asked her if she was retarded, because she wasn't answering him quickly enough.

If I had not witnessed, the doctor's behavior first hand, I would blow this off as an exaggeration, but I am inclined to believe her at this point, and I am simply outraged.

I called back, the manager has of course, gone home and they claim she doesn't work at all after she's left on Saturday, and I'd have to wait till Tuesday, so of course, as an outraged client, I demand she's contacted and something be done, at the very least about the extra charges on the glasses that we didn't want. They offered me store credit to cancel the whole works, which I declined and requested an actual refund as I don't plan to ever use their services again. Supposedly I will be getting a refund for the glasses, but not the exam, which is fantastic considering they didn't even give me the prescription so I could buy glasses elsewhere.

I'm still not sure what to do about the Doctor, his actions as simply unacceptable. He shouldn't be allowed to deal with underage patients if he lacks the patience to do so.

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